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The best running gloves for this winter

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When should you wear running gloves?

Wearing running gloves while running outdoors keeps your extremities toasty without the need to add a bunch of larger outer layers. And that’s exactly what you want to do! The best running gloves are moisture-wicking and breathable enough to manage rain, sweat, or even the occasional heavy jog, while also being lightweight enough so that you can shove them into your pocket when you’re warm enough mid-run. Here’s a look at some of the things that make running gloves great and those winter runs much more bearable:

running gloves

Features of the best running gloves

Comfort, Price and delivery: One of the biggest pluses in choosing running gloves is how comfortable they are, though this can be difficult to judge during your typical shopping experience. A high-quality pair will have the kind of padding that allows for your forearms to stay stretched out as much as possible while still preventing injuries. And of course, they should offer support for your forearms in the event that you have an accidental jolt while jogging. Delivery and returns are also something to consider when you’re comparing the price of your chosen product, so be sure to check for delivery options.


Durability: Most pairs you buy are built from materials designed to last several months, which means that you get plenty of use out of them without compromising breathability or comfort. Most runners reach the end of their runs with damp hands, which is completely normal. What is abnormal is the fact that it happens on their hands and that their arms start to feel sweaty immediately afterward. Gloves for running with a breathable material will work wonders for those who like to keep their sweaty hands clean as well as to use touchscreen mobile phones. They are also great because they help keep moisture away from your skin, keeping you more comfortable during your runs.

Durability of running glove product

Glove performance details

Performance details: Zensah is among the most technologically advanced pairs on the market today, so it’s no surprise that it performs at a high level. They’re designed to fit well and the fabric used is lightweight and durable, which allows the gloves to last for a long time while providing optimum comfort. These running gloves use the highest grade of fibers available, which allow for superb durability and comfort. In addition, zenith has integrated many moisture management techniques to ensure that your hands remain dry throughout the entire run. The fabric also features a pre-moisture barrier to keep your fingertips and thumbs dry.

runnign glove performance inspiration

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If using a touchscreen mobile phone is something that’s a must for you, check for conductive index fingers on your gloves. Many brands specialise in these types of touchscreen enabled gloves that can be used at low temperatures, so facture touchscreen usablility into your comparisons.

Gloves should provide support

Support: A lot of runners complain about their hands feeling sweaty after a long run. But you don’t have to run for hours to cause these problems. A pair from good brands will provide you with the support you need to avoid friction between your fingers and palms and reduce chafing. You can run for up to ten minutes without feeling any discomfort, which is great for those who don’t want to deal with sore and achy fingers after running for so long. It’s also important to buy the correct size, having the wrong size can create a problem for you in the future by not providing the right support and results.

What are the warmest running gloves?

Gloves should retain heat

Extra Body Heat: As a product these gloves come with an added built in heat moldable barrier to give you up to forty-five minutes of extra body heat, which will benefit you during colder runs. When you are running, your hands tend to perspire because your hands are exposed to more air than your feet. A pair of gloves that can provide you with additional warmth will be helpful to prevent frostbite and limiting your painful blisters from developing.

running glove heat retention

Waterproof gloves

Waterproof: Not only will these gloves keep your hands dry, but they’ll keep them waterproof too. This means you can wear them when you participate in water sports and still be completely comfortable. With a waterproof barrier on the palm, fingers and thumb, you can even wear a pair during summer. You can also use your insulated running gloves during a rainy day and feel no difference.

waterproof gloves

Durability of gloves

Durability: At Atlecko we know that although many pairs of running gloves that you’ll find on many website may be made from cheap materials. While it’s be cold out, you should always have a pair in your gym bag or in your running glove compartment that are the perfect fit. Having a pair of gloves that will last long while keeping you dry and comfortable is important. You don’t want to lose the use of your running gloves throughout the year, so choosing products with durable materials is important. You’ll find that a lot of Zensah products are made with materials that will hold up well even during harsh weather.

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