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Chest Lights For Runners Review

Chest running light

The new X 53 by Runner’s Edge, which now features a running chest torch of its own, has just recently been released and is already creating quite an impression. This new chest light for runners from Runner’s Edge gives you the option to run in comfort with a lighting device that makes your run more visible from any direction. It’s very quiet and runs at a surprisingly fast speed. This light can easily be carried in your handbag as it’s water resistant and extremely lightweight. The unit is especially useful if you’re running at night because it will ensure that you don’t trip over in dark areas.

This running chest torch comes with a user-friendly two-button switch which allows you to switch between using the light with a running head lamp and without it. The light can even be used as a walking light as it comes with a durable plastic carrying case that will keep it safe and protected. With UV dye for night running, this little unit will ensure that you stay safe and illuminated at all times.

The brightest chest lights for runners

If you are running low on light, this chest running light comes with a rechargeable battery that you can recharge by plugging it into an outlet. The LED beam should last for at least five hours but it may vary depending on your running conditions and the weather. However, this LED light is extremely easy to use as it has a user-friendly setting so you don’t have to read through various instructions before you can start it up. It runs on two standard batteries – one that are removable for a longer run time and a rechargeable model for recharging. This can be bought as a single unit or with a rechargeable LED flashlight for your use on long distance trips.

There are other features on this chest light for runners which make it even more comfortable to use. For example, there is a heat-sensitive LED tail cap that allows you to turn on the LED flash for greater illumination in low light. There is also a powerful enough battery power that will last you for six hours so you won’t need to recharge it as often. Also, it has a long lasting battery that will last you between two and six hours depending on your use.

What makes these running lights a little different from most running lights is that they have visibility that is three times brighter than most running lights and they have a much longer life span. This makes them great for use in high-visibility safety areas where other running lights cannot be used. For example, if you are running in a construction site and have to navigate around potential obstacles that are hidden under pavement or overhead, this running light is what you need. It will be clearly seen and it will provide plenty of illumination. You can even mount it on a pole to be mounted in the middle of the work area so that it is clearly visible to all who walk by or are passing by.

LED chest torches for runners

Chest running lights are available in two models – the High-Clear model which is for clear vision and the mid-bright model which is more economical but still offers a lot of light. The clear model offers a maximum luminance of 532cd and a standard deviation of just under one hundred thousand LEDs. With a clear model, you get a sixty minute lifetime; however, the energy consumption is lower at four amps. The downside is that you will have to manually change the batteries rather than relying on a remote switch.

The rechargeable battery life in these lights is also longer, which will extend their usable life span. The standard deviation is five meters and the lower number is achieved with the lights on. With a rechargeable battery in place, you get a maximum luminance of just over seven hundred and twenty LEDs. With three modes, you get a bright white light for use during night running and a bright yellow LED for use during daytime running.

One other model with a similar shape as the TIGI is the TIGI chest running light. It has similar controls and a similar range of luminosity at four hundred and thirty lumens. This offers a comfortable level of brightness. It has five modes including a turbo mode which is a forward and reverse direction of running light. The forward and reverse modes make use of two independently controlled turbo switches to deliver smooth, powerful illumination.

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