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ADDRESS:      Rohr PL 989, NY


About Us


The Atlecko Story So Far.

Hi, I’m Nathan and I started Atlecko back in 2015…but that was never my intention.

I was out running one crisp winter’s evening and nearly got in a serious accident with a car that changed everything for me. After nearly being hit, I wouldn’t say my life passed before my eyes but I was seriously shaken.

It was a close call and too close for comfort.

Since that day I’ve been determined to keep other runners and exercisers safe while they do what they love, so Atlecko was started.

I got to work. I tried to think of the best ways to make sure that people are seen, so I first designed launched a high visibility running vest (it’s in the store). It made sure that people could be seen from 360 degrees, from all angles and in all weathers.

After that I went on to develop and ultra bright running light (also in the store) that works for both people and dogs and now I’m turning my attention to injury recovery equipment.

Why injury recovery equipment?

Well after suffering from plantar fasciitis (a really painful foot condition) for months, I decided to again scratch my own itch as it were. After being unhappy with the current supports, socks and equipment out there I’ve decided to develop my own, so stay tuned…they’re coming soon!

If you have a question feel free to get in touch via the contact page or my email below:



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