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Running Accessories & Injury Gear

Welcome to the Atlecko Running accessories catalog. Below you’ll find our latest and greatest running products.

running gear

It’s important to maintain your running gear and running accessories as they can easily affect your performance and injure you if not taken care of properly. These little gear upgrades just make it easier to keep safe and still concentrate on logging more miles per day. Plus, purchasing new running equipment is an excellent way of encouraging yourself to continue going to the gym or even running outdoors. Running gear has definitely seen some huge advancements and some innovative new products over the last decade.

The fabrics that running shoes are made of have become very advanced in recent years. New fabrics help wick away sweat from your feet to ensure you are comfortable throughout your run or workout. This has given runners new materials to work with in terms of adhesion to the running surface and overall grip. There have also been efforts by shoe companies to develop breathable running gear which helps to keep your feet dry, which can prevent blisters from forming.

Running vests

We feature the latest running vests, check out our running hydration vest page to stay hydrated on those longer runs. We’ve also got an ultra running vest page for ultra marathon lovers! Finally we feature our weighted running vest page for those who need to make their runs extra intense by adding weights vests and training with resistance.

Running headwear

Visit our running headwear section, here you’ll find our rundown and reviews of running hats, the latest and greatest running visors as well as headbands. We weight up the pros and cons of different running headwear to select the best for you.

Running shorts

2 in 1 shorts

Running shorts with zip pockets

Trail running shorts

Compression Shorts

As a general rule of thumb, the warmer the surface that you plan on running on the larger the area of your running gear that needs to be covered. Wearing multiple pieces of clothing helps to distribute body heat and reduce sweating. If you are planning on running in inclement weather, you may want to invest in two or three different layers of clothing.

New running equipment has also included a much improved heart rate monitor. A heart rate monitor is essential if you plan on monitoring your heart rate while running since incorrect use can lead to injury. You should be wearing the device whether or not you are exercising or not as a way to check your heart rate constantly. Some advanced heart rate monitors can actually be set to various levels such as easy counting exercises.

The best running gear that you will purchase is one that is comfortable and will not restrict your range of motion. For example, if you have to climb a mountain or other rough terrain then you will need to have the proper running shoes and socks. This is especially important in colder climates where your feet and ankles are susceptible to frostbite. Socks and shoes that are too thick will not allow your feet to breathe and this can lead to frostbite.

If you are serious about running in the winter then finding the best running gear that you can afford is a necessity. Most runners are prepared to devote quite a bit of money to their athletic endeavors so finding the best running gear can be a challenge. There are several brands and types of running gear available and most of it can be personalized for you to make it even more comfortable. As always, if you are in poor health or are elderly it is best to consult your physician before making purchases.

Running Leggings

Running leggings women

High waisted running leggings

Running leggings with pockets


LED Running Accessories

There are a number of the things that you should keep in mind when purchasing the LED running accessories such as LED Running Vests, LED Running Lights, and running hats. Be sure to check our guides and reviews as they will definitely help you in save a lot of money, time and effort. You can browse all the related information and specifications on our website. It is always recommended to buy these accessories from a shop that has experience in the field. This will certainly help you in getting the best and the most efficient accessories such as Chest running light, Running head torch and Running Shoe lights for running.

Running gloves

Mens running gloves

Waterproof running gloves

Women’s running gloves

Winter running gloves

Running Phone holders

iPhone armband

Phone armband

Exercise eand workout phone holders


You can purchase running gear that is specifically designed for distance running or track running. For example, there are running gear options that are designed with specific sports in mind, such as running shoes for marathon runners. For distance runners you can find specialized shoes that offer a snug fit and cushioning that is superior to standard street shoes. In addition to purchasing the appropriate running gear for your sport, you may want to invest in a sports watch that can help keep you motivated during runs.

Most people don’t think of buying running gear online but with the advances in technology the internet has made it very easy to shop for the right equipment. If you are planning on running long distances in the winter months, then investing in a Garmin forerunner series can be a wise choice. Garmin forerunner series sports watch will monitor your heart rate, indicate the distance of your runs, and can even personalize the watch for you.

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