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Best Running Hat – 5 Stars for the Best Fit and Comfort

When you’re shopping for the best running hat, there are a lot of factors to consider. It’s not as easy as picking out the most colorful straw hat. Quality running hats breath out and absorb moisture and sweat which are meant to be flowing down the runner’s face and neck. The third reason why runners choose to wear running hats is increased comfort. As with bicycle helmets and swimming helmets, some running caps even help with aerodynamics by reducing wind resistance.

best running hatIf you plan to run in the winter months, finding the best running hat depends on what you’re going to be using it for. If you’re an athlete, you’ll want one that’s insulated. A lightweight performance cap that’s thin will allow more of your head to breathe. If you plan to run for exercise, you can use any type of hat, but make sure it’s an excellent choice. Below are a few things to consider when it comes to selecting the best running caps.

How to choose the best running hat for you

Many runners think that all hats are the same. They have very little difference except for color. However, this is simply not true. You can find hats that come in different colors and are designed for various sports. There are hats that are made specifically for long distance runners, jocks, and cross country skiers, among others.

Jocks enjoy the warmth a lightweight hat provides. They can easily wear them over their jockstraps and keep their jock and legs warm during their workout. Cross country skiers and snowshoers benefit from the warmth that a sun visor gives. Even if you plan to run or snowboard in the winter, you still need wind protection and moisture-wicking fabric for your face and ears. Your running hat should allow air to circulate so your ears stay dry and your skin stays moisturized.

Jocks and sprinting pros choose a bi-cast, a flat cap that has an elastic band at the brim. This helps their head remain stable as they quickly move from side to side. A bi-cast also allows air flow, so they don’t get overheated from a hot cap. This is why many runners prefer an adjustable jockstrap.

If you plan to run very long distances, one thing you want to avoid is moisture build-up. If you already have sweaty hands and feet, you know how much moisture they can get in the course of a run. Many experts recommend purchasing moisture wicking running hat covers. Polyester and other durable caps allow sweat to evaporate faster. If you run with any kind of moisture resistant gear, be sure you purchase moisture wicking caps made from polyester.

Features of the best running hats

If you often run very long distances, a good option is a high-tech thermal cap. These are great if you frequently training in the heat. Although they cost more than regular adjustable caps, their special vents let air circulate underneath the brim and keep you cool. Look for a high tech cap that uses advanced moisture-wicking fabric. One example is the Power Mesh Cap. Power Mesh is made with an advanced thermal reflective fabric that repels moisture, while preventing perspiration from penetrating the core of the hat.

You may also want to consider whether you need a cap with zippers or Velcro snaps. Some caps offer both zippers and snap closures. The advantage of zippers is that you can easily remove them for cleaning and disinfecting. On the other hand, Velcro snaps are great if you frequently transport your running cap in a case.

Look for a hat that offers a comfortable fit. A comfortable fit will reduce the amount of force that is required to run, which will help reduce fatigue and improve overall performance. Also, a comfortable fit will make a runner’s stride feel smoother and less repetitive. Many runners choose a Performance cap that is made of polyester. Polyester hats are typically stiffer and have a more comfortable fit, especially if they have a small brim.

There are many types of hats that are made of different materials. Look for a hat that offers a breathable fabric like gore-tex or soft fleece. These fabrics will keep your head dry and keep your head temperature down. Some people even use running caps with removable liners that provide extra cushioning for a more comfortable fit. And don’t overlook the importance of color and style when choosing the best running cap.

Most professional runners prefer to buy from a store where they can try on a hat before making the purchase. This allows the buyer to not only try on different brands and styles, but also to read customer user reviews to find out what other runners think about the product. And finally, review and rating systems can be found on a number of websites that allow users to leave their honest opinion about products. Review and rating systems often include the color, size, and manufacturer of a runner’s favorite hat.

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