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How to Choose the Best Women’s Running Headband

Want to find the best womens running headband for you? Here are a few pointers: First, look at the materials used in manufacturing the headband. You want something that feels comfortable to wear. Secondly, look for a breathable, moisture-wicking material such as nylon instead of a natural, cotton fiber such as cotton. The last thing you want is moisture trapped against your skin; this can cause irritation and will ultimately lead to unwanted, embarrassing sweat stains. Look for a breathable material that wicks away moisture while keeping your head and face dry.

best running headbandThe 3 inches vs. the 4 inches battle: While the length of the headband may determine how you use it, the width of the band actually makes a difference in how well it works. Running headbands range from one to three inches wide, while sports headphones are typically manufactured with a four to five inch width. If you’re a runner, or plan on wearing your headband during your runs, then the width will more or less be the same. However, if you’re into yoga or other cardio activities and just need a little extra support, you’ll want a band with a three to four inches in width. Wearing a band that’s too wide may restrict your breathing.

Do womens running headbands make you sweat more?

Moisture wicking running headband is best: In addition to keeping your hair dry and moisture away from your forehead, a moisture wicking band will also prevent sweat from forming on your forehead. Sweat accumulation near your hairline can make it difficult to run effectively. Additionally, excessive sweat can cause discomfort, especially when running and sweating at the same time. A moisture wicking band will leave your scalp free of sweat, keeping you from becoming distracted by pesky perspiration on your forehead.

What are the best features of womens headbands for running?

A mesh or cotton headband would be good if you just need to absorb head wind and moisture: These types are fairly large and bulky, allowing for plenty of ventilation along your hairline and sides. Some have fully reversible “O” clips, making it easy to flip them over to minimize sweat build-up. They also tend to be quite lightweight, which may be a bonus for those who need extra support but don’t want their headband weight towards their temples. Mesh and cotton headbands usually have a matte finish that resists abrasion. This allows for a smooth feel against your hairline, and their durability makes these highly functional even in the windy conditions of the outdoors.

An athletic fit headband that’s specifically designed for winter use would be in your best bet: Even though most winter athletic shoes come equipped with some sort of ventilation, many runners find that these can easily get blocked by the wind and moisture. A snug fit headband that’s designed for winter use will keep your hair free from obstruction, while giving you excellent ventilation. Plus, an athletic unisex fit headband such as this one is generally very affordable.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in moisture management, a breathable headband would be your best bet: These types are often made out of polyester, which is great at warding off moisture. The key to a breathable headband is that it’s made out of high-tech material that has tiny holes inside of it. These little holes allow in moisture vapors without trapping them, allowing your hair to breathe. The benefit of breathable headbands is that they prevent humidity from building up in your scalp. In the summertime, your scalp may perspire a bit due to sweating, but in winter, this extra heat makes your head and hair feel really cold. A breathable headband will take care of that.

If you want to add extra absorbency to your running headband, consider purchasing a moisture wicking running headband. These types will absorb all of the sweat that you don’t have time to sweating but will still keep your hair super soft and smooth. A good moisture wicking running headband can provide the best of both worlds: A super-comfortable headband with superior moisture management.

Whatever your needs, it’s always important to look at the core features of the headband. The three most common core features to look for are stretchiness, moisture wicking properties, and breathability. Try to find a headband that has all three of these properties, for the best overall experience. A solid core feature will ensure that you have a comfortable and well-controlled running experience no matter what your goals may be.

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