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Below are the best running vests

We feature the latest running accessories including running vests, check out our running hydration vest page to stay hydrated on those longer runs. We’ve also got an ultra running vest page for ultra marathon lovers! Finally we feature our weighted running vest page for those who need to make their runs extra intense by adding weights vests and training with resistance.

Running vests are an essential part of running and triathlon training and they are an important part of your wardrobe. However, when buying running vests there are a few things you need to keep in mind to get the best value for money. As with any purchase it is important to comparison shop to get the best deal. You may think that you have found a great bargain on a cheap running vest but check the washing instructions as they can be more complex than you imagine. Buying a running vest that does not work correctly, can also make you spend unnecessarily on repairs. It is important to think about the various features and functions of running vests so that you choose the best one for your needs.

Why do runners wear vests?

The main consideration when buying running vests is how well they will protect you. You need to consider how well the vest is waterproof as this will determine how long it will keep you warm. It is important that your choice of water-resistant running vests is able to stop moisture from forming around the body and around the internal organs. It is best to avoid running vests that have a detachable liner as these will not provide you with the protection that you require. A good quality vest that has a removable liner is much better as it is capable of preventing moisture from forming around the body and internal organs.

Are running vests worth it?

Most runners love the fact that their running vest keeps them warm and dry. The best running vests do this by preventing overheating. If you are someone who races regularly or runs marathons regularly you will know that overheating is a big problem and can cause damage to muscles and joints. You can prevent overheating by choosing a running vest with a built in core that helps to keep the muscles, ligaments and joints supported during long distance running.

You may also want to consider the inner lining of a vest. Most people prefer running vests with an inner liner that is water-resistant. As you would expect the water-resistant coating will be quite thick but it will also repel the elements. This means that the vest will be able to repel water and protect you from being wet and dampened which can lead to discomfort and even hinder your performance. Water-resistant inner liners are a very important feature for anyone who is serious about their fitness.

Another feature that some people tend to overlook is the pocket location and design. Some people tend to choose running vests with large pockets where they can stow various essential accessories such as cell phone, iPod and sunglasses without having to clutter their running vest. This may sound like a good idea but keep in mind that you might need to carry something such as these items during your workout. If the pockets of your vest are too small, you may end up wasting a lot of movement time trying to locate and secure something.

Zippers are another thing many runners love. While this doesn’t always seem that important when looking at a running vest, there are certain features that zippers cover that can really come in handy. For instance, if you buy a vest with no pockets you’ll have to work hard to get your gear out. In the running position this can be a real problem. If you have a Velcro closure on your running vest you can simply grab the zipper and pull it open so you can easily access the items that you need.

Some runners love to add accessories such as reflective materials, fleece, or even hydrophobic foot packs to their running vest. Running vests with reflective material are an excellent idea because they make you more visible to other runners and motorists. If you often run in the woods or other conditions where you may encounter other runners this can be extremely helpful. A hydrophobic foot pack will keep your feet dry and protect you against extreme heat.

The last feature we’re going to discuss is how to prevent overheating while running in cold weather running vests. Because running in cold weather can cause you to lose body heat, it’s important that you wear a thick layer of clothing over your body. One of the best ways to do this is with a running vest. You should have two side zippered pockets on the front of your vest that are large enough to hold at least two liters of water. This way you’ll have plenty of room to carry a bottle of water or any other coolers that you may need.

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